1. 保持个人的清洁,保持手脚指甲剪短,保持道服干净整洁,鞋子在指定位置整齐放置。
  2. 除去手表、戒指等首饰,长发应尽量盘起并避免使用硬质发夹,避免在练习中受伤。
  3. 应至少在练习开始15分钟前到达道场,尽快换好衣服,然后积极进行练习前的各种场地准备工作。
  4. 进入和离开道场/垫子时,向道场正面行礼。在垫子上时刻保持一个习武者应有的良好姿势。
  5. 迟到时应在垫子边正坐,得到老师允许后,行礼,加入练习。如果准备活动已经结束,加入练习前自行在边上完成热身。
  6. 练习中严格遵从老师的指导,注意安全,保护练习的伙伴,对于在练习过程中发生的意外事故,我们不承担任何责任。
  7. 尊重道场中的各种传统礼仪。
  8. 按时缴纳练习中产生的费用(训练费、会费、考试费用、邀请师范费用等)。
  9. 下课后,积极参加打扫道场,不得在垫子上嬉戏打闹。
  • 道场所有会员应当遵守法律,不得擅自在外教授合气道,严禁使用合气道斗殴打架。
  • 参加其他道场的训练、讲习会等,应提前告知指导责任方并征得许可。严重违反以上规章者,本会保留予以除名的权利。

All members who practice Aikido in UNNCAS should follow the etiquette and rules below.

  • Wash hands before entering dojo.
  • Keep your nails short.
  • Keep uniforms clean and tidy.
  • Place the shoes in the specified location neatly in the dojo.
  • Take off all watches, rings and other jewelries during practice.
  • Tie up your hair if it is too long.
  • Avoid using hard hair clips.
  • Arrive at the dojo at least 15 minutes earlier (during this time, you need to change into your aikido uniform, do the necessary preparation work).
  • When entering or leaving the dojo/mats, bow to the front of the dojo.
  • If you are late for the practice, sit at the corner of mats and wait for the permission from sensei. After receiving the permission to practice, take a bow, say sumimasen and onegaishimasu, warm up and join in the practice.
  • Follow sensei’s instructions, pay attention to your and your partner’s safety, we do not take any responsibility and we are not liable for any injury.
  • Respect the traditional dojo etiquette.
  • Clean the dojo after class.
  • Do not play in the dojo.
  • All members shall comply with the regulations of Aikido.
  • Pay the cost of training on time (e.g. training fees, examination fees, the invitation of the normal expenses, etc.).
  • Do not teach Aikido outside the dojo without permission.
  • Do not fight with others by using Aikido techniques.
  • Ask for sensei’s permission before attending other dojo’s Aikido training.

● Members who act against the regulations above will be punished (dojo retains the right to expel the person from our membership).